(No vegetable garden in 2022)

We want to let you live an experience, as simple as it is: reconnect to simple pleasures and sweets to live in nature, surrounded by fauna and flora.

“In that objective, we built a very nice mini-farm with rabbits, chickens, sheep and mini goats. 9 animals in total to delight the whole family! Come discover them in their own unusual huts!
We have created a pretty vegetable garden following the permaculture method to introduce people to this type of operation that is in perfect harmony with our campsite and our values.

Here are the ethical principles:
1. Do simple things.
2. Densify is crucial to save time and resources.
3. Learn the good associations of plants.
4. Never plow or return the soil.
5. Always mulch your crops.
6. Use the resources that are around you.
7. Do not use chemicals.
8. Plant trees and hedges around.
9. Create a farmyard and observe the interactions between all.
10. Cultivate your vegetable garden as you grow your brain.”