Our love for trees.
When you enter into the campsite, leave all your worries behind and communicate with the natural world. Here, we welcome you in a park of 6 hectares with many birches, oaks, beeches, spruces, ash trees, hornbeams, hazel trees, acacia trees, laurel, fruit trees, …
Trees are useful in many ways, for construction, for medicine, for traditional trades, for urban planning, and more generally for their contribution to the equilibrium of ecosystems. Loving trees is also protecting them. Knowing is appreciating them on a daily basis, in the city, in the forest, in the parks or in your garden.


You will discover, in several places of the campsite, riddles, charades, and educational games with quiz about what surrounds you: trees, plants, gardens, animals … You will come back home rested, and in addition, having learned things!

Campsite map

New plan camping 10-2018

Sensory course from July 2019

Nature discovery: bare feet on wood, dead leaves, sand, pebbles, etc.
To always make your children happy, and in a playful and educational spirit, we created this sensory course (develops the tactile sense, stimulates the senses, encourages discovery) under the trees giving access to a superb giant ball pool!

Wild animals

For the all ages’ pleasure, you will be able to observe, by surprise very often, a lot of squirrels and non-domestic rabbits … Come on, we give you a little clue to see the rabbits: most of the time, they are in the paths of the campsite in the early morning, before everybody gets up.
Be careful! Squirrels are present in large trees at any time of the day. Smile, you are observed.