You may not have contacted us yet but you must know that our team is made of great people, often with many talents. Eachone gives his/her best every day to guarantee you a stay as you expected. A united team to welcome you in the best conditions!



Her daily routine: A versatile receptionist, she will surely welcome you on your arrival. She’s the geek who governs our social networks. She is passionate about her region and will be able to show you the little corners not to be missed!

What characterizes her: Her kindness and her sense of listening, she loves animals.


His daily life: Technical employee, in pair with Jean-Christophe. He has been learning the job for a year with his partner very quickly because he likes this multidisciplinary work.

What characterizes him: Gifted, persevering, and perfectionist. And also a real joker!



Her daily life: Guardian and Surface Technician for mobile homes and sanitary bloc. She knows her job perfectly. It allows each guest to spend an pleasant stay thanks to the cleanliness of the place.

What characterizes her: Always motivated, applied, organized and smiling.


His daily life: Technical Manager. He knows the campsite as his pocket. He maintains the park and builds projects on his own. He knows how to answer problems better than anyone. A really gifted man!

What characterizes it: His knowledge, his perseverance and perfectionism.

Anne-Sophie du camping Pré des moines


Her daily life: Campsite management for 6 years. But since some time, more on mobile homes sale.

What characterizes her: Passionate by mountain and nature. Filled with dreams and goals, strong, caring and persevering.

Her beliefs:
“Reconnect with yourself to connect with others. But most of all, I love dark chocolate, pancakes, samosas, spices, and génépi! “
“Succeed, thanks to beautiful projects achievement to make you live beautiful experiences, that’s what gives meaning to my life”.


His daily life: Operations Manager. She manages the rental part of the campsite, the accounting, … She loves human relations and walks in the forest. Most important for her, her family and her friends.

What characterizes him: What characterizes it: its dynamism, its frankness, its perseverance and its smiling welcome.



Her daily life: Surface technician for mobile homes and sanitary facilities. She too knows her job very well. It allows each client to have an extra stay thanks to the cleanliness of the premises.

What characterizes her: Motivated, smiling, and who loves a job well done.